Settling In

The First Phase of the Journey to starting a new life in Nigeria has been completed now that you have arrived. Here comes the troublesome part, settling in as a newbie in a new world comes with its challenges as no two places or countries experience the same level of development at a certain time. […]

6-Month Homecoming Checklist

Plans and arrangements have to be made before your actual return. If your return date has been fixed, certain things must be put in place to ensure a comfortable transition upon your arrival. This six-month step will be your guide. Here are some things that need to be taken into consideration. More information

Keys to Success in Corporate America for Africans in Diaspora

The initial Culture Shock of working in Corporate America can be compared to walking outside the doors of Chicago O’Hare International airport in the middle of January without a winter coat. Luckily, the aftermath of the initial shock is not as severe as weather-related health issues. More information

Business Hustle for Diasporas

For lots of migrants in the diaspora relocating to a new country comes with lots of pressures around: getting a job, finding a decent place to live in, making enough money to take care of the basics, making that extra disposable income to send to loved ones back home to take care of their basics. […]