Building a Stronger Future – Our Goals & Initiatives

July 23, 2023

Hi XJays,

I wish to thank you all for devoting time out of your busy schedules to attend our Ottawa 2023 Reunion. We thank God for a successful reunion and journey mercies back to our various homes. By divine providence, you have elected a unique leadership team of diverse backgrounds and professional experiences who have dedicated their time to serve you. With one mind, we shall achieve great things.

Our Goals for the Next 2 Years are as below.

1. To significantly improve XJays Human Capital.

Human Capital is the knowledge, skills, experiences, and health that people invest in and accumulate throughout their lives, enabling them to realize their potential as productive members of society.

There is more to wealth than being rich. We must learn how to develop and sustain resources, assets, and the necessary network of friends and associates to be truly wealthy.

Focusing on human capital development is the best way to provide guidance for all XJays to true and genuine wealth, and also the foundation for upward social mobility and generational wealth.

We must not only pursue Wealth but the other 2 important components of a good life: Health and Happiness.

Our Human Capital Development plans will be based on:

  • Leveraging our professional strength and expertise to create Effective Personal and Business Networks.
  • Entrepreneurial Support and Guidance by XJays for XJays
  • 15 Mins Business Presentations in Monthly Meeting
  • Online Chapter Alumni Directory
  • For security reasons and to prevent misuse of our information, we will need a Chapter-Based Resource Restricted Access Code.
  • We need to create an informal but strong internship program for new XJays graduating from universities.
  • Mentorship
  • Preferred work/Contracts /Job placement (This service is much needed by our new members and will make our association more attractive to current MBJ students and XJays who have not yet enrolled with us.

2. Leverage the exponential improvement of Digital Technology to ensure accountability, effective communication and efficient networking, and new member outreach to grow our association.

3. Develop a better symbiotic relationship with the Juniorate.
a. Direct Alumni Registration on graduation
b. Model our relationship with the Juniorate after Ivy League Alumni – Lobby for Alumni Benefits e.g. -Legacy Admissions ( Quota or Reduced tuition)
c. Set Aside Financial Aid/Scholarship for Alumni families to attend MBJ.
d. Organize and Conduct Career Day for JS3 and for SS2/SS3 MBJ students (on Tertiary Institution Courses Guidance and Career Choices/Speeches/Presentations/Outreach)
This will boost their interest in the Alumni and guarantee future active XJays participation… This is organic growth and the best kind of growth.

4. Bonding for the Brotherhood of Men.
It is important to create and incorporate social activities into our reunion to create a more solid bonding for our brotherhood. This will also serve as a recruitment tool for upcoming and non-participating XJays.

5. Uphold the non-profit initiatives set by the former administration.

6. Research the presence of XJays in Mexico and the Caribbean and their possible integration into the US/Canada Chapter.

Brothers, let us work together to chart the best path forward for our beloved association. I look forward to seeing everyone on our next monthly meeting.

Thank you.

Uchechukwu Rex Omabu, MD
US/Canada Xjays

Xjays Alumni Association, USA/Canada Chapter, Inc.
2042 Countydown Ln, Stone Mountain, GA 30088
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